greengate Garden Centres is committed to offering you the very best in gardening.

We start with the best plants available. We seek out the very best growers of hardy perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, tropical plants, indoor flowering and of course seeds and bulbs. We specialize in the Calgary, Alberta climate and micro climates, and have everything you need to start or finish your garden. Look for statuary, to ponds and supplies, to Stihl power tools. Fulfill your need for green with a walk through our Cravo greenhouses.


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join greengate Garden Centres in celebrating 20 years of serving Calgarians in the pursuit of greening your space

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Fall planting

To many people's surprise, you can plant trees, shrubs and perennials right up until the ground is frozen.

This is because the plants greengate sells are containerized and have a sufficient root ball that they are basically self-sustaining.

This method works well even if the plant itself has gone dormant. Fall planting is a great way to save on your garden and get a head start on next season. Just plant as you would at any other time in the season and water it in well. If you can time it, water just before a deep freeze. This will help your plants survive our roller coaster winters. If the root ball stays frozen through winter your plants will have an excellent chance of taking full root in the coming season.

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Join us on November 3 for our annual Department 56 open house: 6:30pm - 9pm

At greengate Garden Centres, we want you to have the best gardening success possible. That has always been our goal. To Celebrate our 20th season, we have rejuvenated our Gardensense Magazine and invite you to view or download it from our website.

In it, you'll find lots of great gardening information especially suited for you the Calgary Gardener.

View it online in your web browser or download to your computer to view at your leisure.

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